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Our background:

Visual Bliss is the UK's leading UV Event Decor Company. Since 1996 we have been making UV Backdrops and Props. We have an extensive range of themed UV Decor which is utilised for many purposes including decorating the massive dance tent at Glastonbury festival each year, for creating nightclub scenes for TV programs including EastEnders (is that good?) for nightclub interiors, for theatre productions and 1000's of parties and music events. Since 97' we've been producing our own Ultraviolet paint for our own needs, fine tuning it to be bright, long lasting and workable.


With all this experience when it comes to UV Paint, Canvas and UV Lighting, we know what we're doing and now want to share our expertise with you - and our range of wicked UV Artist products.

1 ltr = £25.00    1/2 ltr = £15.00    250 ml = £9    60 ml = £3.20

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